Laureaat 2012

 Krantenartikel: Het Laatste Nieuws - 2008

Poetry - 2008

A Male Aphrodite

A man

without a face

he surely is a maze

A male Aphrodite


from the foam of the sea

writing poems all over me

Equalizing, paralizing

hypnotizing my brain

the femininity of my lap

A bright white swan

embracing sexuality

Arousing my rose

aphrodisiac ally

shimmers of skin and soul

A male Aphrodite

a virgin sensual

living of nights

A human delight

Published in 'Mystic Poetry Descends' ©Angela Taverne

Mystic Poetry Descends - verses of love in which melancholy and unbridled fantasies engage in a turbulent embrace.

Meertalig idioom - Multilingual idiom NL/ ENG

Printed by Lannoo

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